Township Jedovnice
Havlíčkovo nám. 71
679 06 Jedovnice
tel.: 516 528 211


Jedovnice is a very important crossroad of the Transport System in the South Moravia region, operated by Kordis Company. The system is unified without respecting the way of transport ( bus, train, tram,…)
You can change the kind of transport, new tickets aren´t needed. This system is based on the zones ( regional division ) and the price correspods the number of the zones.

An example:
If you buy the 5 zones ticket to Brno, you will pay 42 CZK. You can buy that in a ticket vendor or by the driver. The validity is 120 minutes and you can use either bus or train or the public transport in Brno.
It is the same whether you use the transport  bus line num. 201 ( Jedovnice, Brno – Stará osada ) or  the bus to Blansko line 231, or 167 ( Vyškov, Jedovnice, Blansko) and continue to Brno by train S2. The ticket is valid for using the kinds of public transport until the time is over. The means of transport can be combined or changed.

The bus line 201 is finished in Brno – Stará Osada. There you have to change the bus and use the tram or bus to get to the centre. If you use the train, you can get to the very centre of the town.

Details on: including the prices, limitations, closures, reduction in prices,...

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