Township Jedovnice
Havlíčkovo nám. 71
679 06 Jedovnice
tel.: 516 528 211

Saint Peter and Paul Church in Jedovnice

New  picture postcards  of the Churches in Jedovnice and Senetářov can be bought during the church services or at the library at the square in Jedovnice.

The church in Jedovnice is a great example of the modern way of religious architecture and sacral art at the end of 20 th century.
The former vicar F. Vavříček asked the artists ( still not well- known) Nicolas Medek, John Koblasa and Joseph Istler to decorate the interior of the church.

Total look

Windows brise – bise

Total description of decorations  inside  the church on


is one of several churches that were built during  the communist regime.
Architect Ludvík Kolek finished the church in 1971. The stations of the cross was created by Nicolas Medek.

All the modern repairs were done thanks to P.F.Vavříček ( died 1995 ) who was in function for 47 years.
This man of worth organized the new church building in Senetářov and modernized the chapels in another villages.

The programme of the church services and the magazine Nitka can be seen 

The current vicar is P. Václav Trmač. 

Římskokatolická farnost Jedovnice: 
P. Václav Trmač 
Kostelní 38
679 06 Jedovnice 
Tel. +420 516 442 221 a +420 732 255 635