Township Jedovnice
Havlíčkovo nám. 71
679 06 Jedovnice
tel.: 516 528 211

About this small town

Jedovnice, a small town, lies about 25 km far from South - Moravian metropolis Brno, nearby Blansko town. It is surrounded by the deep forests which create the opening gate to the Moravian Karst that was declared as a protected natural park area.
Thanks to the geographical location and uncommon natural beauties Jedovnice is a centre of recreation, tourism, water sports - well known all over the world.
There are about 2 700 inhabitants in Jedovnice ( spring 2008 )

Recreation in Jedovnice

What can we offer to our guests in Jedovnice? Above all – variety of water sports and recreation on the embankments of our famous lake, called Olšovec ( 42 ha ), followed by the trips to environs of Jedovnice – on the bike e.g. The maps for cycling can be found :

Walking for all the guests looking for the quiet relaxation and for lovers of the unviolated countryside. They can go for a walk and see the Budkovan and Dubový lakes, the natural park Rakovec Valley . This area isn´t spoiled by civilization that´s why the visitors can see unique botanical species or to nest the water birds.
There are the great possibilities of mushrooms and fishing.

If you like this way of relaxation, you can find fair accommodation and boarding – out in different prices, a possibility of cultural entertainment, shops and medical care centre.

Make the best of accommodation in Autokemp Olšovec operated by our local company.

More about accommodation in the section Accommodation

On the lakes you can practise swimming, surfing, rowing and fishing.

In September ( the first Sunday ) the International Water – Racing Championship takes place in Jedovnice every year. 

Traditional fishing crop is held in the autumn  and it is visited by many people. This event can be seen in October and it is a great view over.

Jedovnice is surrounded by its lakes!

Modern church decoration is well known too.