Township Jedovnice
Havlíčkovo nám. 71
679 06 Jedovnice
tel.: 516 528 211


A small town Jedovnice was a centre among other surrounding villages in the last century not only  because of the size but according to the patriotism too.

At present  Jedovnice lives in a rich culture and social life. Many social, special – interest and sports organizations are conducived to that.

Aschheim, which lies in Germany, nearby Munich, is our partnership town. The agreement was signed in June 1999 in Jedovnice, and in spring 2000 signed again in Aschheim.

Vlastimil – amateur theatricals

Vlastimil was established in 1863 as a reader – singership.

Thanks to former headmaster of our Primary School Mr. František Štych  the club was reestablished. Currently, the leader is Mrs. Vlasta Daňková.

There are more than 20 members in this club joined together by love to the theatre, friendship and sense of humour.

Vlastimil holds several performances during the year, regularly  since 1998. It organizes balls, humorous plays enjoying all spectators sitting in a full house.


Contacts: Vlasta Daňkova, tel.: +420 516 442 370 Leoš Blažek, tel.: +420 516 442 649

Píseň – female choral

This Choral  ariesed in 1980 (couple   Javorsky). There are 23 ladies and  girls from  Jedovnice and  environs in the choral,  Magdalena Javorská is a conductress.

Contact: tel.: +420 516 442 547

Olšověnka – brass band

The band ariesed in 1981 from  Primary school of Art leavers in Jedovnice. This  popular  brass band performs on the various social gatherings and solemn occasions in the township Jedovnice and environs . This band is well known abroad. The band cooperates with other Jedovnice brass bands  - Bivojanka.

Olsovenka got out 2 albums Olšověnka 1  and "Teče potůček bublavý" in the SURF Music Publishing .


Bandmaster: Ing. Jaroslav Šíbl, Kontakt: +420 516 442 193

Bivoj club and  brass band Bivojanka

The club ariesed as a youth civil association in 1997,  the principal aim is pastime activities and renovation folk memories. The club cooperates with Bivojanka brass band, that had been established two years before.They do the concerts at Mother´s Day, on the embankment of Olšovec lake, the balls, Christmas concerts. They raise money for charity and voluntary works. The art director is the  former director of  The Primary  School of Art in Jedovnice, Mr. Jiří Gundacker.

Bivojanka puts brain to choir  music , so that is invited to celebrations and saintś  days.

Contact: Ing. Josef Matuška, e-mail: